Dog Found…

…by someone with an interest in typography. Nice kerning, too. In Chorlton Green



Dinner at the House of Commons last night, courtesy of HP. Forget the MPs, what a wonderful place. Food not bad either.

Little League for Kids Football

Why is there no Little League equivalent for kids football in England? A reputable umbrella organisation for kids football, with links to tournaments, players, coaching, coaches – with a outlook that is child- and parent-friendly. Not the FA.

Its website would make success easier to share and celebrate (pro scouts could find new talent), it would be social, hyper-local, and promotes health. All good things. The downside is it gives pushy parents any place to shout about their prodigy. Other than that, loads of content supplied by users, stats galore, constant updates and an ideal family audience for brands.

Artful Retraction

You make a mistake, you get duped. Apologise quickly and wholeheartedly, and move on. Nice work from This American Life in retracting a a recent Apple-related story (one I’d enjoyed). Press release on Friday, hours before the show broadcast, full admission, no excuses. The tone of the show was great; the lying Mike Daisey didn’t come out of it too good, but I had a sliver of sympathy for him. A fine example of how to make good a bad situation.