Finding Value Beyond Sepia Snapshots

Never really got into Instagram (the CrossProcess app does quite enough for me), so someone stumping up $1 million to buy it would have looked like a lot of money. $1 billion is Andy Carroll-buying. It may come good for Facebook eventually, there may even be occasional glimpses of value, but I doubt it.

If there is money to spunked, there are three sites/apps that would merit consideration:

  • Airbnb: places to stay, from around the world. Booked two places in Italy for this summer’s holiday (above), plenty of user feedback, great communication from the hosts, easy to navigate. I hear the app’s rubbish but that can be fixed and the site works fine
  • Flipboard: platform to build and view your own ‘magazine’, blending professional publishing with users’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Originally for iPad, now free for iPhone. Easiest and best way to view multiple content feeds
  • Readability: for saving longform articles, then rereading on the iPhone. Smooth syncing, choice of fonts, very simple

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