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Manchester on a sunny Sunday

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A lovely day. Family swim in the baby pool, free parking near the Mark Addy, the People’s History Museum, soup at MOSI and the sun shining through a deserted Spinningfields.

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Around Us

foto-app-cucalu-maakt-je-bewust-van-vormen-om-je-heen-apps-iphoned-nlDiscovered the Geocaching app this weekend, the day after seeing Cucalu. Both aim to help us make more of the world around us: Geocaching is mass-participation treasure hunt, Cucalu (pictured) sends users a photography brief. I like them both, and certainly prefer them to Dustcloud, a Kickstarter hoping to create a geo-combat assassination game.

Interestingly, PSV Eindhoven fans this weekend campaigned against the club installing wi-fi in the stadium. They want fans supporting the team (in real life) rather than glued to their phone (sample banner “fuck wi-fi, support the team”). I fear they’re fighting a losing battle. You can bet there will be developers working on a live, in-stadium football app.