Overhauling a bland World Cup product

This year’s World Cup was ok, not great, not rubbish. But I suspect the long term trend is towards a blander, cagier ‘product’. Tier 2 and 3 teams playing for a draw. This is not good. Some thoughts on change, with four main objectives:

·    Feature a wider variety of playing styles
·    More coverage for smaller teams/players
·    Support the referees with technology, but not to burden them with any extra subjective decisions. Make some things simpler, give the attacking team more of the advantage
·    Encourage new approaches to the game

These changes accept the World Cup must be set apart from the rest of the football calendar; there should be no problem with it having some unique rules. Continue reading Overhauling a bland World Cup product



Loving the new Manchester city Library (Deansgate & Jackson’s Row). Self check-outs, helpful staff, loads of magazines, ace stairs & windows, better choice of music & film than at the Central Library version. Currently wading through 18 CDs of Pimsleur’s Introduction to French.

Looking forward to the new Central (pictured), when it reopens (2013), and would hope the online version sees a refresh sometime soon. In pop-culture terms, Libraries Are The New Cupcakes, apparently. Continue reading Booky

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