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Golf Annual

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The annual 36 holes of golf, crammed into one day. Saunton East & West courses. 27 points off 13 for East, 26 for West. Too many blobs.

A lovely day, warm and dry, with good company. Thanks to Olli, Ross, Shed, Ads and Mark.

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Royal North Devon, St Enedoc, and both courses at Saunton. The annual Golf Tour in 3 weeks; can’t wait. Plus, swimming at Westward Ho! and the gravestone of Sir John Betjeman. His poem, Seaside Golf, was inspired by a birdie on the 13th at St Enedoc:

How straight it flew, how long it flew,
It clear’d the rutty track
And soaring, disappeared from view
Beyond the bunker’s back –
A glorious, sailing, bounding drive
That made me glad I was alive.

And down the fairway, far along
It glowed a lonely white;
I played an iron sure and strong
And clipp’d it out of sight,
And spite of grassy banks between
I knew I’d find it on the green.

And so I did. It lay content
Two paces from the pin;
A steady putt and then it went
Oh, most securely in.
The very turf rejoiced to see
That quite unprecedented three.

Ah! Seaweed smells from sandy caves
And thyme and mist in whiffs,
In-coming tide, Atlantic waves
Slapping the sunny cliffs,
Lark song and sea sounds in the air
And splendour, splendour everywhere.

Tour Champ

I’m no fan of golf stories (except as told by PG Wodehouse’s Oldest Member), and golfers telling of their own exploits is even worse. But. I won last week’s annual Golf Tour and this is my blog.

Seven rounds played over four days and four courses on the Lancashire & Merseyside coast. Nine friends, with handicaps ranging from 6 to 17, Stableford scoring. Me off 13.

Tour wisdom suggested an average of 30 points per round would win; I was averaging 32.8 after six rounds, with a lead of 17 points going into the final round at Formby Golf Club. Job done, it seemed.

Ultimately, yes, but that doesn’t tell half the story of the final round. My playing partner and closest challenger scored a lifetime best 45 points and had reduced the deficit to three points with two holes to play. I was shaking like a shitting dog, unsure how to explain blowing such a lead.

It would be wrong to say I fell over the line (I parred three of last four holes), but there was mighty relief at the end. And also pleasure in being part of an excellent week of sport – fitness, etiquette, fair play and mental pressure were all required. A good week. Thanks to all involved.