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The derby

photo (20)Late posting this pic. The Kop, 4 mins before kick-off on derby day. One hundred and eleven minutes later, the sound of 40,000 people going ‘fuuuccccck’.

Ta to Andy Gilgrist (and his Vancouver cousin) for the day out.


I’m Giving You a Long Look

Tough news week. Two first hand accounts of 15 April 1989 here and here. On my Spotify, an evocative, Beatles-free Scouse playlist:

1. Elvis Costello, ‘Every Day I Write the Book’
2. The Christians, ‘Ideal World’
3. Lotus Eaters, ‘The First Picture of You’
4. Echo and the Bunnymen, ‘Seven Seas’
5. Flock of Seagulls, Wishing (I Had a Photograph of You)
6. China Crisis, ‘Black Man Ray’
7. Black, ‘Wonderful Life’
8. Frankie Goes to Hollywood, ‘Born to Run’
9. Gomez, ‘Whippin Piccadilly’
10. The La’s, ‘There She Goes’

A Great Weekend

25˚ and shorts; Dad staying; pansies from Greaty; boules and the Palm House in Sefton Park; Lark Lane: ice cream from the Moon & the Pea deli, Chicken Ali Nazik at Elif; Duchamp’s toilet, Andy Tuohy’s A-Z and and the family room at the Tate; toddling round Albert Dock; coffee by the wheel; fantasising about a 7-bed Georgian villa on Hadassah Grove; calm at Ikea; Black Pudding Lobbing at Ramsbottom; rocking horse from the car boot; East Lancs steam trains; fish finger sandwiches & white choc Magnum;  en suite windows finished; warm-water paddling pool and early conkers on the Meade with Rae; Mel’s homework; bbq chicken and red cabbage ‘slaw by candlelight; slow jams.

Good Money

A leading UK business sells one of its assets for more than double the price it paid just under four years ago. The asset was in danger of passing its sell by date, and the seller is lucky to find a cash-rich buyer in straightened times. The deal is concluded swiftly and the revenues are immediately ploughed back into the business.

For some reason this generates negative press. Football really is a funny old game.

Liverpool’s sale of Fernando Torres to Chelsea, for £50m, is great business. Bizarrely, some Liverpool fans instead chose to berate Torres for lack of loyalty. Some called him a Judas.

Loyalty to what? And who has Torres betrayed? Torres is not from Liverpool, he is not a boyhood Liverpool fan, he has not shirked from his work duties (ok, this season he’s been a little less than stellar). He has scored goals, won games and helped shift lots of merchandise. He has definitely done what he was employed to do.

Liverpool bought Torres from Athletico Madrid, indeed, like every other club, they buy the vast majority of their playing assets from other clubs. These acquisitions aren’t betrayals they are business deals. And teams are quick to offload players they don’t want, no matter how ‘loyal’ the player. There is little sentiment.

The objective is for the assets to produce the right result on the field. If your asset wants out and you can get a decent price, good. His loss. So yesterday was a good day. And the pic above is banner of the season.